Matt Buckett



IPG was set up by artist, illustrator and writer Matt Buckett to offer a broad collection of services within the creative industries. 

IPG produces graphic design, brand development, artwork, illustration, marketing advice and portrait commissions.

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Contemporary Design


IPG offers design and artwork for any aspect of business and with many years experience IPG can give any project you embark on an up-to-date, contemporary spin that will place your design front and centre in any industry.

Design from IPG is regularly used in advertising, marketing, social exposure, brand development, identity mapping, print, publishing and product design.

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Jonny At Work, Oil on Canvas 2019 - Taken from the 'What Defines Us' portrait project

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Tools of the Trade


IPG use the Adobe suite as the backbone of the design process as well as other industry standard software and can supply images and designs in any format you require.


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Traditional Portrait Painting


Matt has a degree in Fine Art from Southampton Institue of Technology where he specialised in painting in oil on canvas. He paints in a style that looks realistic, but still demonstrates an expressive edge to allow for some creative freedom.

Colour, light and contrast are the key elements to his paintings and he always discusses the detail of a commissioned portrait with the sitter to achieve a striking and engaging composition.

What Defines Us

Recently Matt has embarked upon a project called 'What Defines Us', a collection of portraits that show people in their most defining roles.

He is asking each sitter what defines them, and creating a composition that best illustrates their answer. The aim is to produce a collection of portraits that shows a broad cross-section of the community with sitters from across many different fields with diverse stories to tell.

The collection will be shown as an exhibition where the paintings will be hung with a statement from each sitter alongside each work of art that describes what defines them. 

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please fill out the form on the contact page stating clearly that you would like to be a sitter for the 'What Defines Us' portrait project.