Mansbridge Balment

The Estate Agents with a clear vision

Dartmoor Illustration

Bold Graphics

A local Estate Agent approached IPG to create artwork for their ‘For Sale’ boards.

A clean, colourful and ‘child-like’ set of illustrations were produced, one for each of the local offices.

The design of the artwork was a clear vision from the company that has been chosen to maximise the impact of the sign boards. As a well established Estate Agents they wanted to make a modern statement whilst also standing out from the competition.


IPG helped create illustrations that connect the regional offices to their local environment, making clear and distinct illustrations for each office.

These illustrations also form the backbone of their marketing and advertising imagery, from email signatures to social posts and local newspaper adverts.

Tamar Valley Illustration


IPG provide advertising imagery and type setting for both digital and printed marketing material.

Mansbridge Balment even asked IPG for a winter scene to be created for their Xmas card design in 2020.

Logo Design

The company commissioned a special logo for their 50th anniversary year 2020.

Working closely with their directors IPG created a stylish, symbolic logo based on a gold coin representing their strength in the local market and quality of service.


As a business that offers a local service it is paramount that they maintain local exposure as well as embracing the benefits of selling houses over the internet.

IPG have created many adverts for Mansbridge Balment, both in printed form and digitally.

Local newspaper double page spread advert created by IPG for Mansbridge Balment

Maximising Exposure

With the bold graphics being used for the sign boards at properties for sale doing so well the directors at MB decided to push the imagery even further by wrapping one of their vehicles with the artwork.

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